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Pellets® Fuzzy Logic  –  These are an automated boilers with new, innovative Fuzzy Logic control method and the combustion process regulating lambda sensor module. Pellets Fuzzy Logic point new direction at solid fuel boilers production. These boilers can be fired by pellets, grain, coal and firewood. All types of fuel combustion in a boiler meets strict environmental standards, and reaches a surprisingly high efficiency. Fuzzy Logic power regulation technology, installed in the boilers significantly reduces fuel consumption.



Why we chose steel?


- low sensitivity to water scarcity,

- low sensitivity to lime,

- low sensitivity to sudden temperature changes.


Why we do not use cast iron?


- large mass,

- high flow resistance,

- large inertia due to material density,

- structural limitations due to production technology.


The vertical heat exchanger is made of boiler steel, which thickness is from 4mm to 6mm. The appropriate length and shape are this structure characteristic feature. The advantage of this solution is less sensitivity to ashes deposited on the heat-exchanger surface. Ashes falls down to ashbox. With the heat exchanger constructed this way, increase of the exhaust gas flow resistance was predicted, also fume exhaust fan was used to increase natural chimney draught.


Boiler efficiency depends not only on heat transfer to heat exchanger efficiency but on combustion process efficiency as well. In case of liquid or gaseous fuel combustion there is no bigger problems. Solid fuel combustion process is very problematic. Starting from the supply of proper quantities of air for combustion, so the precise mixing of air with fuel, ending with "rid" of unnecessary combustion products, i.e. ashes. These requirements may be fulfilled by retort burner. Until now, pellets were burned using cast iron burners, which were designed to burn pea coal. After a series of tests steel burner was born, suitable for pellets or grain burning.




                                                       RETORT BURNER WITH FLAME MODULATION






                                     CAST IRON PLATE




                 Cast iron plate is designed to burn pea coal, steel plate is designed to burn pellets or grain.




The boiler and heating system control unit (automation) - heart of the boiler. A special electronic device, which is responsible not only for the constant boiler temperature maintaining through appropriate fuel and air supply, but also controls all building heating system. Boiler work control is divided into two phases.



            First phase – effective and efficient management of the combustion process – in this case it would be the flame

                                modulation in the burner with the presence of primary and secondary air, full use of Fuzzy

                                Logic method, confirmation of a burner proper work is measurment of oxygen remains in exhaust

                                gases with the help of lambda probe. In case of deviation from the standard automatic adjustment

                                of the air in the burner.


       Second phase – abilyti to divide heated water between different heat recipients (heaters, floor heating, hot water 

                                 tank). The main fuel saving condition is the precise dosage of the heat to heat recipients so that

                                 the calculated boiler  temperature is not exceeded.                                  




                                                                                        Lambda probe




Possible powers



  *Boiler power [kW]   


    **Building area[m2]    

 15 kW

50 - 200

 25 kW

100 - 300

 40 kW

296 - 530

 50 kW

370 - 660

 75 kW

550 - 1000

            100 kW            750 - 1350


Boilers dimensions


      *Boiler power range [kW]        


[ mm ]


[ mm ]


 [ mm ]


[ mm ]

                   515 kW





                   8 - 25 kW





                 12 - 40 kW





                 15 - 50 kW





                 23 - 75 kW





               27 - 100 kW



* power of the equipment should be selected according to heat demand of the building 

** room height 2,5 m


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